How to renew a Philippine passport in Florida?

Question by Julienne: How to renew a Philippine passport in Florida?
I am supposed to go back to the Philippines this August before I start college. I called the Philippine Consulate in Miami, Fl and the representative said that I have to go to Washington, D.C. This is absurd. I live in Florida and would have to drive all the way up to DC? Obviously I cannot fly. There are few people telling me that I can still do it by mail or I can just go to the office in Miami and have them renew it…PLEASE HELP!!

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Answer by Yak Rider
It has to be renewed in person. If you are in Florida it must be renewed at the Philippine embassy in Washington, DC. If you’re planning on having a new passport in August you are most likely too late as the embassy in Washington sends the application to the DFA in Manila by diplomatic pouch. The new passport is produced by the DFA in Manila and sent back to Washington by diplomatic pouch. Then, they FedEx it to you. It takes about 6 to 8 weeks.

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  1. Beetlle

    i just had my passport renewed 2-3 weeks ago. yes, you have to go to DC. that’s what my husband and i did.
    you can’t do it by mail. you have to appear in person. there’s no appointment either. it’s first come first serve.

    we were shocked by this as well, when we first found out. we found out about this just days after the ft. lauderdale consulate office was told that they can no longer process the renewal of passports.

    taking a summer vacation was never a part of our plan, but since we had to go to DC, we decided to make the most out of it.

    the whole process at the embassy takes about 30 mins or less (that’s if all your requirements are in order).
    When i was there, there was a couple from montana or oregon (can’t remember) and they had problems with their requirements.

    i’m telling you this because, even that couple from MT had to fly to DC. Also some people who already had scheduled appointments with the fort lauderdale office for their renewals were told that their appointments were cancelled and that they had to go to DC.

    hope you get to work this out. you don’t get your passport in another 2 months from the time of submission of requirements.

    Yak rider is right, they send the requirements to the philippines, that’s why it takes that long to process.

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